Makyo in My Mind
hallucinations of the unconscious eye
The half-forgotten
Other half of my short life
In short story form

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Wednesday, April 27, 2005
Other Humans Inside

I'm walking on a sidewalk, early evening. A girl is in my way, but not because she's slow; there's a guy in front of her walking slowly, too. I find myself keeping pace with them both, even after an opportunity to pass them comes. I don't know why. She finally stops and stares into the distance. I come up beside her and look to where she is. I notice it's a girl from dance class whom I've never talked to--nor any any interest in talking to.

"I'm remembering the old building," she says. Where she's looking is only the moon between two other buildings. "Ohhh, I remember now," I say, thinking back to a few years ago. We start walking again, the other guy joining us. He seems interested in her, but she's not paying him any attention. Nor me, either, but we seem headed along the same path for now.

We get onto a boat. The guy goes inside, expecting us to follow, but we don't. We sit on the front, next to each other on a bench facing the water. It's chilly and her legs are bare, so I lay my jacket out along both our legs. The boat cruises into town. "This city has such great public transportation," she says. "I never really used it," I remark. "Just the bus to and from north and central campus." I remember how I used to drive around town.

We end up in a boarded up house. Every door inside is shut, and other people are inside, too. It's being assaulted by the undead. I shuffle into one of the inner rooms, moving a barricade in doing so, totally freaking out the other humans inside.

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