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hallucinations of the unconscious eye
The half-forgotten
Other half of my short life
In short story form

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Tuesday, March 14, 2006
Brilliance, Ego, and Something Else

I'm watching friends go into a hotel. I see a big wave behind it and want to take a picture. Then I realize it's a real wave and turn to run, but there is already another wave closing in behind me. Cops are Everywhere. I go to a cop car and grab on. I say I wish I had my camera. The cop says I'm stupid. I say I'm joking. The wave hits us and we "sink", as the car doesn't float. My hand is trapped in the window, but I manage to retrieve it.

I run to a flimsy tree, climb up, and hang down on a flimsy branch that then extends onto a wall. Some kid says he can go up there too, but it won't matter. He does. We run along on top of the wall as the waves get higher.

We find a way into a building as waves crash into it. I see Kevin going downstairs and tell him about the flood. He can barely walk; he's hurt. He leaves the door open that leads outside from the staircase. I run to shut it before waves crash in and flood the stairs. He barely stays ahead of the flooding water in the building.

We climb higher to the roof, which is barely big enough for ten people. One person backs up suddenly and almost knocks me off the building. I throw myself to the floor to stop from falling over, then stand up and brace myself against a concrete block. Nothing much to grab onto. We're 100 stories up but waves hit us anyway.

A crazy man screams "This building and everyone in it belongs to me! They belong to me! Me!" He bloats a little then disappears, reappearing at the bottom of the sea. I catch a view from outside the skyscraper that shows the rest of the world is fine, while the building is cloaked in glommy black water. The water thrashes up and down it like an ocean of its own.

Suddenly, I appear at a bar with a girl and a guy. The crazy guy is behind the counter. To his disbelief, we defeat his dark magic with science and anti-magic. Everything goes back to normal. We are commended for our brilliance (the guy), our ego (me), and something else (the girl).

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