Makyo in My Mind
hallucinations of the unconscious eye
The half-forgotten
Other half of my short life
In short story form

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Friday, July 23, 2004
Manta Army

AK and KL pull up in a moving van. I'm simply astounded, thinking this is such a crazy coincidence, running into them out in the middle of nowhere. That's where I am, somewhere in the Heartland. KL stays chill in the passenger seat while AK and I go into the restaurant we're at. It's actually an old train converted into an eatery.

I look outside and realize the train is moving across the countryside. It's breautiful: the rolling green pastures on the left...a bag lady next to a fence on the right...the men in Mantas firing at us! Dozens of neon green energy blasts hit the train, and many more miss, obliterating the bag lady. Glass flies everywhere and people panic. I duck under the windows and yell for everyone to get down, but nonetheless many passengers are blown away. I wonder when I'll be next.

Daring a look, I see a bridge ahead. I jump out of the train and into the water. Staying underwater as long as possible, I come out onto a golf course. Enemies are still everywhere.

I run into a building to hide. While I'm in a kitchen closet, I notice a good hiding spot under the stove, so I hide there instead. A girl finds me, but she's not part of the Manta Army.

My True Parents

I'm in my childhood neighboorhood at night. I have a mask on, and kids keep giong by saying trick or treat, but they going up to houses. I suggest we go up to one that has its lights off. Someone at the door answers and we each get a piece of candy. I put it in my my mouth and we go to the next house. A cat comes out of the door. I go, "aww," and pet it.

Still night. I'm bicycling through the old neighborhood. I'm still afraid of the trees, which always try to grab me when I get too close. I go to the elementary school. It's totally dark and nothing's there, but then I see some flares in the parking lot, which turn into headlights. I decide it's time to head back, but Fern has turned into a looooong bridge. I shift into gear and get over the bridge really fast, my companions on the other side telepathically telling me to hurry up or the car will catch me. I tell them, "I know."

My sister's headed to a dinner at the G's in AA and I can't figure out why. I go over to this house that's supposed to be theirs in the middle of a dark forest. Many people show up. We watch a movie about a small animated plastic doll. It rolls along the floor and hits stuff, and somehow it's the most hilarious thing I've seen in a long time. There are other animated plastic dolls, but they can only move their limbs in one direction each, unlike the main character. One is nailed to the floor like it's crucified, and it talks and complains about its condition. It's like a wolf. At the end, the doll dies and you see the world enclose into a circle and then zoom out, revealing something off to the side of the universe, which turns into a mushroom. Then the mushroom zooms out and there are green tendrils of energy reaching vertically about. The narrator says "The good doll was reincarnated in the mother universe by the evil designer to be a mushroom"...or something. I'm like, "No no that's not how it ended. There was supposed to be a giant spider there waiting for it in the next universe," which would be a horrific ending. Then I remember a few parts that weren't in the movie, and mention to P's dad how funny they were--those other parts we filmed--like the part where the guy comes up to the house and says he's come, then the baby doll is born.

I rewind it in my mind and I'm there. The guy walking up to the brick house on the second story, but things go wrong. There's an explosion inside and people fly everywhere. I go outside and jump down to the ground. Leaves everywhere. An undead walks toward me from the house. I walk in front of it, sort of following ahead of it through the forest toward another childhood house, back yard. Some green light shines and a huge gaping orange maw of a fireplace or something opens in the side of the house, the undead guy just standing there. I find myself watching a window above, where a strange horse-like dog is cutely pushing its nose out a window and through some iron bars. Supposed to be a really smart kind of dog that learns things on its own. I laugh at it, and a guy nearby laughs too. He's trying to close a garage in the back of the house, but a cat runs out. The cat sees the dog above and decides to go up and join it. How cute. I try to help him shut the garage door, but there are too many bags of leaves on the ground and in the trunk of his car, so it won't shut. I move some leaves around to make it even, but then the cat runs out again. It's very important this door gets shut.

Skeletons rise up from everywhere. I have a bow and arrow, and other humans fight with me, but they're all in panic and they run all over the place. I run to another building and find a blue key, a red key, and a yellow key, all obvious with big rings on the ground as I run around and shoot with my bow. I see a skeleton with a white key ring, so I run and grab it, but it won't let it go. It screams and yells at me that it must have the key ring. I get it and run off. I look at the map in my mind and see that it goes to a library building to the south, so I take flight and soar over there, wary that there might be skeleton birds around. But there aren't.

I fly inside, and it's a normal library with people around. I recognize a thai-looking girl and accost her, gathering she was part of the skeleton crew (props to my unconscious mind for that pun). I urge her that we must follow the black cat--there it is! The black cat ducks into a plastic tube in the floor. I see another asian girl looking uncertain, so I figure she's with us. I have them both follow me into the tube.

It's very tight, and I can barely crawl through it. I turn right at a 'T', and then it's completely black. I ask for a flashlight since I left my jacket somewhere else, and the thai girl has one just like mine, gives it to me. Then I turn right again, knowing I can just wake up if something bad happens in here.

It opens up into a hallway. A bathroom to the left. Thai girl pulls ahead and sees some writing on the wall just past the bathroom, instructions. I say just do whatever it says, we must follow all instructions, and they say to keep going. I hold the other girl's hand while I flash my flashlight around, telling them both to watch for ghosts, and to scan all the paintings on the walls for instructions, rituals, and such.

There's a faint light far ahead, and when I scan with my flashlight, I can see zillions of zombie-like ghosts walking ahead past us. Harmless though. I bring it to their attention.The paintings are diverse, but mostly portraits of people in dresses. I finally get to one that has a half-decayed child on the right side, with a stump of an arm and a grimace on its face. "This is it!" I cry. In the middle is a levitating girl's head, mostly chopped apart, and to the left is a mostly full kid. They're someplace dark and sinister. The left kid thrusts a needle down into the ground, and the girl's head closes up, her tiara falling to a pile of dead leaves. The next painting has a flying beetle in it, and it transforms into something wooden or something, like a lock.

I finally get to the lit part of the place. The girls have vanished. There's an old woman there, sinister and evil, lying in a bed. She asks why I'm there, as if it's the last thing I'll ever get to say. I say, "I want your children!" and I thrust a sword into a glowing white spot in a brick on a table in front of the bed. I twist it around good. Her eyes are glowing the same, so I do the same to them. She shrieks. I hack at her with the sword.

A man-thing comes out from the dark. Its mouth is in its body, and it has flat but fish-like eyes. No ears, like a turnip or something. But strong. I hack at it and it hurts. The more I hack at them, the less I hurt them, until they're fine again. They laugh at my efforts, but I just keep hacking at them. I don't care what they say or do, I'm going to fight.

I finally tone down and open a chest by a wall and find a wedding dress she had once sewn. I say it's beautiful, and she thanks me. I'm about to hack at her again when the man-thing says welcome to the family, and calls me son. I ask why, and it's because I never gave up when most people would have. I ask how I know he won't kill me, and he gives the same answer. I somehow know these are my true parents.

Thursday, July 22, 2004
We Will Attack...YOU!

I'm with some guys I hate, but will never see again. I get ahold of a white, basketball-sized, cushy ball and dribble it past them, jumping up toward the basket. One of them helps me do a slam-dunk, trying to make it look like I really did it. Nobody says anything about it though, and the gesture makes me want to cry. Later, while I'm talking to MP, I see the guy leaving. I don't expect him to say anything when he turns around at the last second and sees me there, but then he blurts out, "Haha, everyone would have noticed my handwas under the ball in a real game," before he leaves.

I'm in a house with many staircases. Two guys are with me, one of them Asian. I lead them down, then find an older-loooking staircase leading further downward. I see a stone in the wall that I know triggers an ancient mechanism. I urge one of them to push it. Something starts to happen, then stops, but then I notice a small, circular gold plate set in the wall. I have one of them push it. The wall curls up. Every piece of it bends and curlsback on itself to form many golden tubes, which combine to form elaborate devices. It's an ancient machine more advanced than any we have now. I examine a piece of it, which is four circles of metal surrounded by fields of energy, banging into each other until finally combining into a single circle.

I'm looking down upon a small house with a large yard. Several companions are hiding in the next yard over, watching a woman do some task in the yard. I descend upon them and explain how to accomplish our mission before carrying it out myself. I sneak into the yard and pet the dog to distract it from its little blue toy. Possession of the toy grants the wielder invisibility, which then allows me to sneak into the house without fear of the woman turning around to see me.

I'm standing around a table with others. We have an assignment that involves poking sticks at certain objects on the table to destroy them. RDT is there. Many monsters surround us, but RDT tells us to concentrate on our task, as if they are merely a distraction. I'm getting frustrated anyway, so I turn and wave my stick at the monsters. To my surprise, some of them die. I urge the others to help me, and together we destroy all the monsters around us. There are more in this building, I know, so I have everyone follow me to purge the place. Ryan S decides to help.

We make it to a hallway with a bunch of lockers. I wonder which one's mine, and whether the old combination works. 24-14-40. I try to open one and it opens, but then I realize there's no combination. Ryan finds his old locker, but it's locked. We start to venture further, but then monsters face us. "It was a nice trick," they say collectively,"but now we are immune, and we will attack.....YOU!" They pounce on Ryan and he's gone.

Wednesday, July 21, 2004
Ass End of the Beach

I am the samurai protector of some chick. I'm at her home in the townhouse complex. Enemies come over, but they don't know who I am, because I'm not in my armour. Another young girl is playing in a play pit in the basement of the townhouse.

I'm back in Houston on my old motorcycle, taking it down the nighttime freeway. I see Heff and Beehan off one of the exits. I stop and join them. They're at an outdoor film festival and other people are around on the grass in sleeping bags. As I stand there, a friend of theirs seduces me. Another friend of hers joins in, too. I then notice an entrance to the sewer system. I'd been there before (in another dream), so I wanted to revist it.

Next thing I remember, I'm driving down one of Houston's main strips, running out of gas and oil. Bad time for it as I get a phophetic vision of giant buildings shimmering over New York, destroying it.

I end up in a truck, moving down to the "ass end of the beach".