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Wednesday, November 26, 2003
Back on the Concrete

After the usual series of fighting adventures, I come to a beach. I walk out into the water and a huge wave springs out suddenly, getting me wet and washing me to shore. I grab at my cell phone, which I had in my hand but dropped when the wave hit me, hoping it's still functional.

I get a vision of a friend of mine setting up a computer desk on the shore by the waves. He suffers the same fate as me, except for him it's a computer at risk. I experience his trauma in first person.

I approach my friend away from the water and comment about the tide. A middle-aged woman is there, too, to my left (she's facing the sea, but I'm facing the shoreline and my friend). She says, "The tide's always like that." I try to explain that earlier in the day, for the previous few waves, it wasn't.

Walking away toward a snack stand or something, where people are in line, I see an Asian girl lying out in the sun on a cot. She's on her stomach, and her hair is so long it completely covers her body, including her head. What skin I can see is rather tan. I find it curious, but move along.

I enter a building with a few flights of theatre seating. I take a seat, one of the first people there. Apparently a movie's being made right here, so I watch the production. More people pack into the room as the actors play out their lines and the director gets pissed. I see the same Asian girl. So she's an actress. I idly wish I would have talked to her, if only that it'd be harder to approach her now, because of her fame.

After a bit, when it's crowded, someone comes and asks for passes. I don't have one, so I'm shooed out. Outside, there's a thin layer on water on the ground, so I swim in it somehow, just gliding on the surface of the water. Some Latino guy (I think), standing with a girl in line, nudges me with his foot, and I end up on concrete. He says he thought I wanted to get back on the concrete.

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