Makyo in My Mind
hallucinations of the unconscious eye
The half-forgotten
Other half of my short life
In short story form

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Saturday, November 29, 2003
Ceiling in the Sky

It's dark out. I'm on the plains, and I've arrived at some fields littered with telephone wires. I see Reese by go overhead in a ballooon plane, which continues on to carry him over the ocean. I run through the downed wires and find a bunch of hotels. My room is very complex, consisting of several rooms each with several doors. Even the bathroom. I sit on the toilet to think a while.

My thoughts turn to a girl running through the desert. I take up her vantage point as she bumps into an older man. It turns out she's not in the desert, but in an underground world. Demons rise up from the ground accompanied by a drum and bass beat that the three main demons pass around to each other like a hot potato. There are three soul-charged weapons. The older man has one. The girl has another. I guess I have the last one, because I'm on the scene now, and I kill all the non-music demons with a gun-like weapon powered by my soul. I find a book and open it.

The scene changes back to the fields, and there are tornados everywhere. Leaves spiral about. Rain falls. An evil slime pours in from one direction, which we try to fend off with our soul-weapons. We hide in a building with large garage doors so we can watch the disaster. I get a call on my cell phone from someone in the air who can't see the ground. I realize my grandpa was in a trailer that's been up in the air this entire time. Other earthbound trailers open up their roofs to air out, even though it's still raining.

I see a barrier up above, where the tornados are going. I see past and catch a glimpse of the moon. The moon is eclipsed but shines a bright yellow light. To confirm whether it's the Light of God, my vision heads toward the moon, where I can see solar flares. The moon is on fire. I look back and see the Earth consumed in flames. Everything is annihilated by evil forces.

In my limbo, it's bright daylight. I show MG my childhood playground.

Being dead, and the Earth gone, I fly through the cosmos. I see millions of other ghosts, but I just fly through them towards a ceiling in the sky.

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