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hallucinations of the unconscious eye
The half-forgotten
Other half of my short life
In short story form

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Wednesday, November 26, 2003
Deadliest Opponent Yet

Part of a superhero team, fighting against the evil superheroes. The bad guys have a guy like Spiderman who can meld into stuff like a chameleon, except he really does meld, and a guy who's like Iceman, except he can cling to the ceiling, turn invisible, and fire kinetic blasts. During battle, I ask what my power is, and a voice tells me, "The conscious dream." I concentrate, and can suddenly see the enemy, so we can, uh...escape.

Glide through sound studio's wood floors. Didn't even audition for that part, nor know the script.

Clunker truck. Return it to hick owner.

Reese. Skis. Bus. Middle of nowhere in some city. Some "living Bible" red.

Exit bus. Go through empty city. So barren. Truck loading area with graffiti. Find goon on our side. Go around. Find kid. We all meet up. Something about a kitten?

Childhood home. Middle of the night. Meet IP downstairs on couch. She turns to me with tears in her eyes.

Back in city. Splintered doors everywhere. Someone been blowing them up. I follow the trail through a bunch of buildings to find my friends blowing up locked doors.

IP again, waking me up from a long sleep in the middle of the night, making love to me.

A supply store. All my adventuring friends there with me. Big party of adventurers now. Looking for a good knife. Evil birds. Kitchen knife no jagged knife. Ration/light pack. Use it in cave. Party finds me. Big battle. I die, lose xp. Someone takes my stuff. I get mad, try to find it, but people are eating my food.

IP again, waking me up to make love to me, in the same room in the old house.

Go back in time, kinda. Find my stuff, kill the monsters myself. See guy and girl enter, all decked out in armour and weapons. I kill them cuz noone's around. Cave dome cracks. Huge oversized humanoid form rises up from ground. My mental narrator comments that this creature doesn't even have the decency (used a different word) to take on a full human form. I know that underneath the rock, it's all spidery demonic legs about to reach up and crush me. I jump up into the sky, just as a big heat energy blast comes up from it. A shot of the entire planet from space, the blast engulfing the top half of it, reaching far out into space, and a speck that is me, still jumping higher and higher to avoid it. I reach the event horizon, which is my only escape, because there time stops, and the blast can't get me if it can't move through time. The blast subsides, and I careen back down to the planet surface to take on my deadliest opponent yet.

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