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Saturday, November 29, 2003
Free Ticket

I arrive at a mansion in the middle of nowhere. The yard reminds me of my childhood front yard. Some other people are also stranded there. One woman has a gun, and another guy wields a spear as I approach. Someone says, "The guy with the gun wins." I'm not quite sure what that means. I learn than an old woman lives there.

Out in the front yard are lots of old classic cars in good condition. Almost too good. It makes me suspicious. There's also some kind of garden consisting of rows of concrete blocks covered with moss. There is deep water in-between and beneath the concrete blocks. I jump into the garden water and dive under, finding huge avocados there. This strikes me as especially strange.

The woman comes out and cocks her gun, but a part of it flies into the water. I get the sense that this is foreshadowing our future vulnerability. She directs me to a place called Dangerous Dave's to get parts for my car, but I get a nail in my tire. It goes flat and I have to pull over in the forest.

I rollerblade down a street and come to a stop light, so I veer off and come to the back door of a restaurant. I remove my socks and pants. I notice that I'm disturbing a woman and her little girl, so I try to put my clothes back on, but my socks won't cooperate. Becky calls and tells me how she had just met "O", who never wanted to hear from me again. I ponder telling her about Julia, too, since O had also met her. "Stacy doesn't like me either," whoever that is.

I go outside to go to a movie. I notice that although I'm not Black, I'm wearing a slave bracelet. The woman at the ticket counter asks if I've been to church. I say I don't go, but I'd like to make a donation. I was going to donate two bucks, but instead I donate five. I STILL don't even get a free ticket.

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