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hallucinations of the unconscious eye
The half-forgotten
Other half of my short life
In short story form

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Wednesday, November 26, 2003
Her Second Choice

After a series of scenes with people I'd forgotten all about, I ended up at some sort of reunion. In a dark room with some sparse chairs, Ian said, "But you liked Erica T, right?" I answered something to the effect of "No way."

Everyone got into a single file line and walked around, one line passing another as if in a show. I saw people I used to know. Suddenly N. Dawson grabs me from out of line and hugs me, gives me a huge kiss on the cheek, and says, "I've missed you so much!" I hug her back and reflexively say, "I've missed you, too." She then says, "You remind me of Darren." Then her friend Megan, behind her, says, "So you're actually her 2nd choice," or something to that effect. I kept walking, and saw Chad F. We grasped hands, and he asked if I was going to some dome or theatre or something that Saturday. I asked about it, and he said something about Robotech, to which I responded I'd definitely make it.

I continued through a glass hallway, outside of which in all directions (including down), it appeared like outer space. I jogged into a room ahead of my line (which had fallen behind cuz of my interactions) with a couple banks of machines. I saw John W. pass by, and I shouted hello. I turned a corner and saw Mike H. from grad school and some long-haired fat blond guy I supposedly recognized. We exchanged greetings, he said something stupid, and somehow April appeared and announced she was pregnant.

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