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Wednesday, November 26, 2003
It Just Floats

I'm in a suburban town I've supposedly been living in for a long time, and I supposedly know everyone there. One of my friends expresses a paranoid concern about some common everyday activities, thinking they're merely serving to provide information to alien beings, who control us without our knowledge.

I go into my childhood bedroom. It's ultra-early morning, and quiet. My comforter has a lot of white stains on it. I wonder how long it's been dirty, and whether my mom ever noticed. I haven't slept here in a long time, and my bed is on the left-hand wall now.

I go to a medical class in a bunker. The teacher makes everyone line up. The first person in line gets to fight the person at the head of the class. I'm at the end of the line. Most people aren't very good, but some have obviously taken some Jiu Jitsu before. My chest is in pain from my chest injury, so I inform the teacher I can't participate.

I go outside and wander among some buildings. Some are just broken shells. I go inside one and a guy runs out of it, carrying toilet paper rolls with dispensers. He hands me one, as if he's a delivery man, and runs off. I roll the paper along the ground through the building to get the attention of two others.

This entire time, large semi-transparent buildings have been floating through the sky, as if they had previously been damaged, been taken away to do construction on, and now were being returned to their locations. A common occurance.

The delivery man runs by again, musing how it's odd that the buildings can float like that. I think about it for the first time, and it hits's impossible. I think it's funny how the delivery guy is the first person to notice, since he's not very educated.

I run over to my two friends, who are by a fence, and try to explain this to them. I practically shout, "How much thrust would you need to hold that building up like that? More than the space shuttle uses just to GET it that high, but to sustain it? We don't even HAVE that much fuel! Plus there're not even any thrusters on it! It just floats!"

The teenagers were out on the street on their rollerblades, wearing blue t-shirts. Tim Allen, with his shirt off and a hairy chest, seemed to be their ringleader.

It was obvious now that an alien force was at work here. I felt the impending doom. I knew they now knew that we knew, and that they'd attack soon. I felt like my entire life up until now had been an illusion.

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