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Wednesday, November 26, 2003
Playground in the Sky

I'm in a very large school building, entering the library. A female teacher is telling me to take a community college course instead of the standard english class. It sounds promising. SG arrives, and I mention it to her, that we should take it together. She explains how this other guy thought the english class was very hard, so it's a good idea.

I go to my room, which is located in the same building. The building is huge, like the Pentagon, except it's shaped like a square. There's music playing in my room--"At One With You" by Mars Lasar.

By my room, there's some contruction equipment lying around. Some holes in the floor, planks, paint buckets, and various tools. A half-finished cement wall is standing there, shorter than me. I touch it, and a white cement-like substance sticks to my finger. I wipe it on the wall, wondering how long ago this was laid down.

I go upstairs to the roof, where the playground is. It's daytime. I look out over the courtyard, but nothing is visible from this towering height, and the other side of the building seems so far away. There's a tower on it, and I know there's a similar tower on my side, too, but I never turn around to look at it.

I walk over to a swingset, which sits in the sand. It's just like when I was a kid, with the chains hanging down and the metal posts. The seats are wooden, though. They're also small and cracked, and I wonder how fragile they are. The chains stretch all the way down into the sand, so that the swing is barely resting in it. The ground was also flat underneath the swings, as if noone had ever used them. I stepped on one, then off again.

I turned around to view the rest of the playground (I was on the right-hand side, if you were looking at this part of the roof from the courtyard), and I saw there were children swinging on another swingset on the left-hand side. In the center-back section, a couple adults were playing with their children. Everyone was sort of watching me, but I felt comfortable there, not ashamed that I hadn't known what the deal was...if there was one, that is.

Then I noticed that the music from my room could be heard up here. So loud, in fact, that it drowned out all other noise...but it didn't sound loud, or hurt the ears; it just eliminated the other noise somehow. I reasoned that this was why I didn't notice the others here before. I wondered if they knew where the music came from. It definitely added a nice ambience to this playground in the sky.

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