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Wednesday, November 26, 2003
Quite Tasty

I see LD for the first time since high school. What's she doing here? She doesn't even really remember me, and we don't even really talk, but she keeps intersecting with my agenda, coincidentally. I think about how I should find my old senior yearbook and show her what she wrote, to jog her memory, but I don't.

I need to get groceries, but someone has to go with me, by law. Some service gives me a random girl's phone number, and she accompanies me there, where I lose her to do my own thing. It's more like a mall.

I end up in a movie theatre, watching a movie. It's about an old man, some kind of necromancer with a big demon familiar. He's in an underground lab made of stone. I understand that the underworld demons don't come after him because of an agreement; if he doesn't dig into the ground, where they live, they'll leave him alone. But he wants some artifact underneath the surface, and orders his demon familiar to defend him while he digs. Before he can, however, an oblong, amorphous shape careens up out of the earth--in another room, for this one is protected--and charges down a hallway toward the room. The familiar braces itself against the big wooden door, as if to stop it. It works, and the necromancer is safe--for now.

My cell phone rings, and it's that girl I came to the grocery store with. I leave the theatre to talk. Apparently she's ready to go. She says she had a delightful time and wants to see me again. I'm like, uh, this wasn't a date, and we didn't even spend time together, you desperate weirdo.

I go to a different grocery store--one less crowded. I can't find anything, though, and I walk around it a few times. Then the cashiers all look at me and get my attention. It's then I notice it's the Dickie family, who I haven't seen in forever and couldn't possibly care about. I apologize, saying I was just out of it, not paying attention.

The mom takes me around back to show me some cake. I have a bite, and I almost spit it out it's so bad, but then by the time I swallow it, I find it quite tasty.

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