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Wednesday, November 26, 2003
Shorten My Name

After many events surrounding my usual drive around the recursive city highway system of my dreams, I find myself on a beach at night. The coast has a concave shape and extends as far as I can see. Mountains steeply end a mere hundred feet before the water.

A swarm of giant flying insects descends from the sky, accompanied by a thundering voice that explains its new dominion over the planet. Looking into the distant sea, I see a row of giant purple platforms, stretching from end of the beach to the other. In the center is a larger building with a cross-like symbol on it. The voice explains that since the God of this planet never does anything, it decided to take it over and attack everyone on it, and that he could only be stopped by fighting back.

I bend down and grab a rock, the only weapon around. A bat-like bug flies at me, and I nail it as it swoops by. Dozens of other pests fly at me, trying to collide with me, but I either dodge them or peg them with a stone or piece of scrap metal. I know I'm having little effect on this apocalytpic turn of events.

I run down the beach and find a section protected by an old wall on one side and the mountains on the other. There are little kids there, fighting back in their futile way. There's an iron gate in the mountain, with hundreds of new cars parked behind it. The tunnel seems to open up into a new domain. I ponder shoving a gas barrel in there and exploding them all, but then surmise that we could put them to better use later. Then I notice a bunch of snails and slugs on the wall and on the ground here, and figure they could be used against the enemy, because they all secrete toxic liquids. I mention this, and we somehow use them all up to fight off the attack.

Everyone leaves, to where I don't know, except a couple of us. I find some chalk and start to write my name on the wall with some contact information, hoping others will do the same, for we must start some resistance movement. I have to erase and re-write the header "Contact Info" on the wall a few times to get the sizing right, and then I shorten my name to "Avis".

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