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Wednesday, November 26, 2003
Skin Them and Kill Them

The apocalypse is near. I'm living in a subdivision in the mountains. In two weeks, the air will be filled with dust so thick that it will darken the sky and destroy all life (I saw DEEP IMPACT last night).

I'm riding my bike around, and I see Hagred on the street. I stop and tell him that soon we're all going to be leaving, and that he should come. I tell him where to go, on this street off another street that I'm sure he knows.

I go to my home, where my dad is making preparations, packing things, and so on. We have a huge base here with tons of vehicles parked in a lot and an airstrip. We're going to travel someplace even more safe soon, using our huge planes. Someone is controlling our main plane by remote control, like a toy. It has military enhancements, and it's larger than a 757. The remote pilot loses control of it, though, and it spins and crashes into the mountain. I wail in despair, very frustrated and pissed off. Sure, we have other planes, but that other one was going to be one of our main weapons against bandits and raiders in this new almost post-apocalyptic world. Smoke rises, and some people get scared that the end is here early, but we explain it's just the fumes from the plane.

My dad says it's time go get moving, so we go to the lot where our pink RV is supposed to be parked, but we can't find it. Someone saw on the supplies on it and stole it. I'm even more pissed and frustrated. Noone can seem to do anything right. The armed guards we had posted everywhere in the lot were useless.

We run into a tunnel, which leads to our airstrip. Hagred is behind us. My mom asks him how he expects to get on the plane. "I bought a ticket" he replies. Though a bum, he somehow afforded one.

Some other man breaks me off as everyone else heads for the planes, says he wants to show me the project. We climb up an iron ladder in the caves and come to a large body of water. Some iron bars separate us from it. Some gears and a ship harbor are within. We remove two of the bars to get a better look. The gears move. I don't know why we're here, but we hide when a ship goes by.

Somehow the man with me ends up almost dead, badly hurt, says it's up to me to rescue everyone. There are enemies about, and I somehow have the ability to pummel them, though I watch this happen in third person, and everything looks like a cartoon. All the enemies are disguised as children. Evil children. So, I disguise myself as one, too, and then I skin them and kill them.

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